Mini Business Builder Planner


Introducing the Mini Business Builder Planner for Single Moms

Where Your Entrepreneurial Journey Begins

Are you a single mom with dreams of starting your own business but unsure where to start? The Mini Business Builder Planner for Single Moms is here to guide you from the initial idea to the launch of your online business. Designed specifically for single moms who are balancing financial responsibilities with entrepreneurial ambitions, this planner is your first step towards becoming your own boss.


Why Choose the Mini Business Builder Planner?

Idea Validation

Checklists to help you refine your business idea and ensure it's viable.

Financial Quick Wins

Easy-to-implement strategies to improve your personal finances, creating a solid foundation for your business investment.

Your Path to Empowerment

  • Turn Ideas into Action: With this planner, you’ll have a clear roadmap to bring your business idea to life.
  • Balance and Achieve: Designed for busy single moms, it helps you manage your time effectively, blending business planning with self-care.
  • Be Inspired: Filled with motivational quotes from female entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes.

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